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5th Circular Exhibition of Photography


Photo club Montenegro would like to thank you for your entry to our exhibition and we wish you much success in future. The selection process has now ended and detailed results are listed below. All images were reviewed by three judges, each of whom was able to award a score ranging from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10. The total score for each image is on range from 12 to 30. We hope that you enter again on our next exhibition.

Entry for the next Exhibition “ZETA CIRCUIT 2020“ organized by Photo club Montenegro will be  open soon on our website.

Yours sincerely,
Aleksandar Bogojevic, Chairman of the organizing committee

Podgorica Awards Accepted
Budva Awards Accepted
Kotor Awards Accepted

Galleries of all accepted and awarded images:

Salon Podgorica: Theme A) Woman
Salon Podgorica: Theme B) Portrait
Salon Podgorica: Theme C) Nudes
Salon Podgorica: Theme D) Open Color
Salon Podgorica: Theme E) Open Monochrome
Salon Budva: Theme A) Woman
Salon Budva: Theme B) Portrait
Salon Budva: Theme C) Nudes
Salon Budva: Theme D) Open Color
Salon Budva: Theme E) Open Monochrome
Salon Kotor: Theme A) Woman
Salon Kotor: Theme B) Portrait
Salon Kotor: Theme C) Nudes
Salon Kotor: Theme D) Open Color
Salon Kotor: Theme E) Open Monochrome